The Ship of Dreams
The Ship of Dreams The Ship of Dreams

The Ship of Dreams

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The Ship of Dreams. The Life of a Monastery Elder

The Ship of Dreams tells of Fr. John, an elder of Valamo Monastery in Finland, whose letters have become familiar to many people and have been translated into several languages. We find him to be a broad-minded, tolerant person who moves about silently on light summer nights and whose journey through life has taken him through phases of doubt, depression and temptation towards a state of freedom, humility and love.

Fr. John is a Russian monk and man of the people who has a clear and unemotional understanding of those caught in the crossfire of sanctity and crudity both in monasteries and in the outside world. His teachings on "the one thing that is essential" pose a challenge to all forms of religious pedantry and cold adherence to the letter of the law.

Arkkimandriitta Panteleimonin (nyk. KP Metropoliitta Panteleimon) 1992 ilmestyneestä kirjasta Unen laiva tehty englanninkielinen käännös. Kirja kertoo Pyhittäjä Johannes Valamolaisesta, jonka kirjeet tunnetaan laajalti ja joita on käännetty useille kielille.

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